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How to Draw a Nutcracker

Learn how to draw a nutcracker that touches the top and bottom of your paper and you’re guaranteed to always fill the paper.

how to draw a nutcracker

This project works great with students of all ages, the older ones just end up taking more time to adding details, and more of a background (windows, doors, gifts, etc.).

There are lots of options when it comes to coloring your nutcracker; crayons, oil pastels, paint. I recommend going with whatever makes your brightest red, as that is what will make your nutcracker as festive as possible.


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PREP: Print or draw guidelines on paper.
1. Students draw the nutcracker according to the tutorial. If you are using this for kinders, then I recommend giving them all a rectangle to trace for Step 1.

2. Trace the drawing with a black permanent marker. This is important if you are going to paint, water-based markers will bleed.

3. Color the face and hands with a crayon.

4. Paint the nutcracker with watercolors if you like the look of my sample, or try crayons or pastels or whatever can give you nice bright colors.


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