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How to Draw a Menorah


When showing students how to draw a menorah, have them start with light lines to plan all the arms. This will help to space things evenly.

how to draw a menorah

Menorahs come in all sizes and colors, but they do need to start with this basic shape. My tutorial is good for maybe 3rd graders on up, but if you want to do this with lower grades, I would give them a drawing with the arm “spine” lines already in place. There’s still plenty of creativity that can still happen with patterns and colors on the arms.

• View and download Menorah tutorial

• Color print of Menorah tutorial
• Multimeda or drawing paper
• Sharpie marker, black, fine tip
• Oil pastels or crayons


PREP: Print or draw the grid guidelines.
1. Students draw the menorah according to the tutorial.
2. The art is traced with a marker.
3. The menorah is colored in with oil pastels or crayons.