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How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

Here’s a cupcake drawing easy enough for even beginner artists to take on. Lots of stacked ovals make for layers of pretty swirled frosting!

A Valentine Cupcake, colored with crayons

This cupcake drawing is another one of those projects that I could see working for a whole range of students with different levels of experience, which is something that might happen afterschool or in homeschools.

Beginners will love to learn how to make those simple stacked ovals look like swirls of frosting. Older students that have an eye for cartoon drawing will appreciate the little white spots that look like reflections. And those interested in shadows have some nice, big easy edges to do just that. Oh, and children that just plain love cupcakes could design the one of their dreams. Mine has just one simple heart, but a mass of sprinkles and candies would be so much fun too.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day everyone!

Preview of the Valentine Cupcake step by step tutorial



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

  1. Start by drawing a wide oval.

  2. Add the sides and a curved bottom.

  3. Draw a large oval on top, erase inside.

  4. Draw a medium oval on top, erase inside.

  5. Draw smaller oval on top, erase inside.

  6. Add a swirl on top, erase inside.

  7. Add a heart and highlight shapes.

  8. Draw holder details and back line.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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