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How to Draw a Walrus

Learn how to draw a walrus with a new step by step tutorial. Start with his symmetrical front, and then draw his enormous body in back.

How to Draw a Walrus
A drawing of a Walrus, colored with crayons

These gentle sea giants have a shape that is all their own. They do resemble seals, but are obviously much bigger and heavier. This tutorial hopefully makes this very unusual looking animal easier to draw for lots of sea loving artists.

One way to manage all the curves of a walrus is to start with the front view, including the face, and then draw the body off to the side. You can include their long and distinctive tusks, which I understand are found on both the male and female.

No need to find coloring sheets for your student’s next study of arctic marine life. Have them learn (and remember!) much more by drawing this amazing creature themselves.

How to Draw a Walrus
Preview of the step by step Walrus tutorial.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Walrus

  1. Draw an upside down curved U shape.

  2. Start the inside of the flipper edge.

  3. Draw the rest of the flippers.

  4. Finish the chest and flipper details.

  5. Add the mouth shape and long tusks.

  6. Draw two eyes above and add whiskers.

  7. Draw the body on the side.

  8. Erase line shown. Add rocks, horizon line and clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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