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How to Draw a Cute Frankenstein

Learn how to draw a Cute Frankenstein with this easy step by step tutorial. Just add pumpkins for a fun Halloween drawing.

How to Draw a Cute Frankenstein
How to Draw a Cute Frankenstein

Fun Halloween drawing projects are the ones that make you happy, and who wouldn’t smile at this loveable looking Frankenstein? He looks like he’s all set to go trick or treating himself!

This tutorial is great for students of all ages, as Frank’s body is easy to draw, but there’s lots of room for fun extra details. A colorful shirt underneath his trademark drab jack, and a few jack o’ lanterns add a festive look to a fun nighttime drawing.

For best results, be sure to provide students with a black marker for tracing before they color. This project is a good example of cartoon drawing, and having a really defined black lines around the shapes really make them all stand out. Just like the pros!



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Cute Frankenstein

  1. Draw the head and hair line.

  2. Add eyes, mouth and bolt shapes.

  3. Draw a large body around the head.

  4. Add lines for the shirt.

  5. Add arms and simple fingers.

  6. Draw shoes and add a bag.

  7. Add pumpkins and ground line.

  8. Draw moon and stars.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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