Little 3D Buildings

This simple building drawing teaches students how to turn a rectangle into a 3D form. It’s great for reviewing right angles, parallel lines, shapes vs. forms and more. MATERIALS • Card stock paper • Black card stock paper • Paper cutter • Black Sharpie marker • Stabilo Markers DIRECTIONS 1. Cut nine 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles from white card stock … Read More

Dr. Seuss Signs

This Dr. Seuss art project and gave our spread out school some much needed directions for a back to school night. Our school has a modular classroom set up in California, we have a lot of long outdoor halls without much signage. Making signs for a back to school nite added some fun AND information for first time parents. MATERIALS … Read More

Escher Lizard Template

M.C. Escher’s art continues to amaze people all over the world. His many nature-themed tessellations are both lovely and brilliant. I found the repeating pattern in Escher’s Lizard Tessellation, and thought it would be fun as a classroom project. Just print copies of the single downloadable page trim, color, and assemble in groups of four as shown. Make a small … Read More

Day of the Dead Drawing

Day of the Dead is also known as All Souls Day, and is celebrated in Mexico to pray for and remember friends and family members that have passed away. MATERIALS • Black card stock paper • Pencil • Scissors to cut template • Crayola Metallic Markers • View and download Skull template DIRECTIONS PREP: Print out a skull template 1. … Read More

Color Pattern Leaves

This simple leaf art project is a good exercise for those small motor skills. I’ve found students have a lot of fun just losing themselves in their patterns. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Cardboard for leaf templates • Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. Cardboard templates of leaves may help young artists get started, but drawing their own is always best. Students … Read More

Kinder Self Portraits on Canvas

Here’s my favorite way to make canvas art for fundraisers. This is a composite of 125 kinder self-portraits, all done with permanent markers on dry wax paper. It went up for sale at my school’s silent auction. • View and download Portraits on Canvas Tutorial MATERIALS • Stretched canvas • Dry wax paper, NOT wax paper  (Dry wax paper is found in … Read More

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Art Projects for Kids