Clothespin Craft Airplanes with Color

Here’s how my students finished up their clothespin planes, with a little color and string to make their airplanes fly.They make a pretty cute assortment! MATERIALS Clothespins, medium Craft sticks, regular size Craft sticks, mini size Woodsie shapes Wooden beads Woodent dowels String Hot glue gun Tape Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Use a glue gun to attach sticks to … Read More

Symmetrical Elf Shoes

This is one of my student’s favorite Christmas drawing ideas, and I think it’s because it’s a new point of view for them, and offers all kinds of color and pattern possibilities. The one issue that I have been meaning to address with this project is the drawing of the elf feet. I first did this with older students (grade … Read More

How to Draw a Star Banner

My favorite way to show students how to draw a star is to connect the dots. Have the dots touch the edge of a paper to get stars that fill up the page. I describe the star as having a head, two arms and two legs. Yes, much like Patrick Star from Spongebob if that helps. Instruct students to make … Read More

Step by Step Elf Drawing

Need a step by step elf drawing tutorial? Here’s a pretty cute guy to draw (which could easily be turned into a girl, by the way.) I would say this tutorial is best for 8-year olds and up. I find most 6 and 7 year olds are still learning how to make simple bodies, so I’d save this for older … Read More

Line Art Project Leaves

 OK, this is my new favorite line art project. Students learn to make leaves transparent by drawing them only with lines. These students are 1st graders and they really took their time and drew LOTS of lines. I think having quality markers made all the difference. MATERIALS Drawing paper Leaf stencils, or templates cut from posterboard Stabilo Markers, or other … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Woman

  The simplification that comes with cartoon characters is perfect for children of all ages. No worries about proportion totally helps too. MATERIALS • Draw a Cartoon Woman PDF Tutorial • Color printer • Drawing paper • Black marker • Crayons or markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Download and print a tutorial for each student. Print paper with guidelines, or have … Read More

Snowy Winter Landscape

  Students finished their snowy landscapes with the perfect tool. Sharpie paint markers allowed all the art to easily get a delicate sprinkling of snow. This art is getting used for annual holiday art fundraiser with Original Works. The goal was to create a colorful, seasonal picture for students of all abilities. This is no small feat to take on … Read More

Line Art Tutorial

Here’s what I love about selling over the internet, customers can make requests, and you can turn around and help them FAST. I was reminded that my Line Art Portrait eBook could really use some more direction help, so to get started I’ve made an example from page 1, the Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna of Russia. My recommended process is to first draw … Read More

Planet Drawing Fun

It’s been a planet drawing week at my school. The eclipse provided the perfect subject matter for a new black paper and metallic marker project. MATERIALS Black Card Stock paper, 8.5″ x 11″ (Look for Astrobright black at Staples, it’s perfect) Crayola Metallic Markers Circle Stencil, from Laurie Speltz, Creative Coach Pencil DIRECTIONS Note: I found this wonderful circle template … Read More

Draw a Flower

A fun way to show kinders how to draw a flower. Simple shapes with a twist of adding pins between the petals. MATERIALS • Download Pin Flower PDF tutorial • Drawing paper • Marker, thick black • Markers, assorted colors   DIRECTIONS Students draw their flowers according to the PDF tutorial After the pencil drawing is complete, students use thick … Read More

Kid’s Art Portfolio

Here’s my secret to keeping lots of student artwork organized – without taking up any of my valuable time. My after school drawing students each receive a Profolio portfolio, which have a paper insert along the spine that you can easily remove and write on. I color coded the student’s name (red = kinder, blue = 1st, etc.) and have … Read More

Contour Hand Drawing

Have students start a contour line drawing by tracing their hand, and then add all the details they can see. MATERIALS • Journal Page or Drawing Paper • Pencil • Black Sharpie, ultra fine tip DIRECTIONS 1. With a journal or drawing paper, students to traced their hands in pencil. Unusual placement and cropping was encouraged. 2. Students use either … Read More

Deluxe Van Gogh Line Art Template

Here’s another line art project, this time with Van Gogh’s amazing self-portrait. This photoshopped face of Van Gogh was originally posted quite awhile ago, but only with the one main page to draw on. When I taught this project, I realized students needed more references to “fill in the blanks”. They needed to see basically how the suit might look (as a … Read More

Protractor Art

Frank Stella is an American painter who fully embraced the idea that sometimes a painting can just be flat. In the 1960s he created some paintings titled the “Protractor Series”. For students learning how to use protractors with their math, it’s perfect tool to play around with in art class.   MATERIALS • Sharpie Markers, brush tip recommended for smooth … Read More

Kandinsky Plate Project

Proof that Kandinsky art projects can include art history and math AND make something really striking. Start with some inexpensive plastic plates, color them with brush Sharpies, and you have a pretty amazing work of art that is ready for display. MATERIALS • Yoshi Plates, 6.5″ square • Marker, water based such as Crayola • Brush Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. … Read More

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