Deluxe Mona Lisa Template

Here’s a fun Mona Lisa art project, starting with her very famous face and then filling in your own background with lines, just for contrast. This photoshopped face of Mona Lisa was originally posted quite a while ago, but only with the one main page to draw on. When I taught this project, I realized students needed more references to … Read More

Fun with Van Gogh

A fun Van Gogh art project for kids is to start with his classic portrait, and then add a background. Limiting it to patterns to shows the power of lines can make, not to mention the contrast.   This photoshopped face of Van Gogh was originally posted a while ago, but only with the one main page to draw on. … Read More

Simple Cats to Draw

If you are looking for simple drawings for kids to copy, try sharing this “Jazzy Cat” painting. One of my students, Zack, was inspired to make this adorable drawing. I think it’s up there with my all time faves drawings by kids, and is even included in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book on Amazon. The secret to having … Read More

How to Draw eBook

Looking for a few How to Draw tutorials for your young artists? How about 200 of them? All in one ebook? Years of making tutorials for my after school classes has helped me discover what works best for those just beginning to draw. This giant ebook contains 200 projects that start with simple shapes students can most easily see, so … Read More

Tessellation Art for Kids

This tessellation art tracing that I made of Escher’s original has not just one or two, but THREE animal shapes that fit together without leaving any space. Incredible. And to think he went into graphic design because he failed his high school exams. I guess testing has been misreading artists for longer than I thought. This handout might be good … Read More

Sharpie Portraits on Canvas

This is my go-to art fundraiser idea. I’ve used it for years and often shared finished canvases, but never a full tutorial, so enjoy! • View and download Portraits on Canvas PDF Tutorial MATERIALS Stretched canvas (I used 16″ x 20″ for classes of 25) Dry wax paper (found at restaurant supply stores, and no, it’s not the same as … Read More

How to Draw Egyptian Eyes

To learn how to draw Egyptian eyes, you need to keep in mind how bold the shapes should be. Yes, you could just draw them with lines, but the eye-popping (sorry!) results will come if you make them thick and fill them in.   Wikipedia states that The Eye of Horus, also known as wadjet, wedjat or udjat, is an ancient … Read More

Valentine’s Day LOVE Line Drawing

Valentines day ideas for kids can be educational too. This drawing uses a ruler, which is a 2nd grade Common Core Standard.   For more Valentine drawing ideas, see my new “Valentine Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.    MATERIALS • Multimedia or drawing paper • Black Sharpie marker • Markers, Stabilo brand recommended (The above product link is a referral. If … Read More

Valentine Art Project with Sharpies

Valentine art projects that mix the rich color of Sharpies with hearts, pretty much can’t go wrong, if you ask me. This one involves mounting the drawings on to a stretched canvas. Change the size of the canvas to accommodate all your students, and you also have a very pretty collaborative fundraiser project. This is a technique I experimented with … Read More

Valentine’s Day Doodle

A Valentine’s Day doodle doesn’t have to be fancy, or ornate, or require a graphic design degree. It can just be some very carefully drawn lines. Lines that in this case, make some very pretty hearts. For more Valentine drawing ideas, see my new “Valentine Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.  MATERIALS Drawing paper, 9″ x 12″ Scrap cardstock paper Heart punch, … Read More

Chinese New Year 2019

  If you are looking ahead for a Chinese New Year activity, then I’ve got you covered. How about a fun collaborative coloring project for your entire class? My 2019 Year of the Pig mural is made in the style of ancient Chinese paper cutting, and is a breeze to put together. All you need to do is: • Print out all … Read More

How to Draw a Cartoon Face

Learn how to draw a cartoon face, starting with just a basic shape. The simpler, the better. Each will create a very different result. MATERIALS Download Cartoon Heads PDF  Drawing paper Markers DIRECTIONS Students follow the Cartoon Heads printout for direction. They begin with one of the simple shapes for the head. Features are added as shown, as in ears, … Read More

Artist Trading Cards for Kids

My favorite artist trading cards for kids project involves starting with a color photo and creating a world around it using only a thin black marker. After all, if a drawing looks interesting before it even has any color, you’re on your way to a really nice work of art. To shortcut the magazine process, I’ve found these free images … Read More

Snowman Marker Drawing

Here’s a snowman drawing idea that just uses markers and some geometric shapes. A few templates will help keep the lines nice and neat. For some extra coloring fun, try coloring your snowman on a square of finger paint paper with Sharpie markers. The colors glide on and you will get a nice shiny finish too. • View and Download … Read More

Draw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Here’s a tutorial for how to draw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which keeps him simple without losing any of his cute details.  For more holiday drawing, see my popular new “Christmas Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop. I recommend folding the paper four times to get the creased grid line shown in the tutorial. It really helps students plan the placement … Read More

Cute Polar Bear

This could be the world’s easiest way to make a cute polar bear drawing. I like using markers to keep the whites white, but any media will do. MATERIALS View and download Snow Bear Tutorial Drawing paper Black, red and blue markers   DIRECTIONS Draw the snow bear according to the tutorial. Trace all the lines with a black marker. … Read More

Sharpie Trees with Snow Shadows

Winter art projects for elementary students work best, I believe, when the subject and supplies are kept simple, simple, simple. The shadows cast by the moon are easy to see on the winter snow and offer a beginning lesson in perspective. For more drawing tutorials, see my “How to Draw” ebook in my PDF Shop. MATERIALS • View and download Winter … Read More

Simple Polar Bear Drawing

A simple polar bear drawing can make a very cute holiday card. You can swap that hat out for a regular stocking cap the rest of the year. I love using this easy drawing as a watercolor project. Try using real watercolor paper so the colors are bright and the crayon resist for the snow really stands out. This painting by … Read More

Zentangle Patterns for Beginners

These snowflakes make great zentangle patterns for beginners. They may look complex, but are made from just adding lots of arrows to my star template. I tried out some new Stabilo markers for this drawing, and totally love the pointMax set. The tips are nice and firm, so it makes them a pleasure to draw with. The company makes other … Read More

Favorite Halloween Art Projects for Kids

Here’s one of my favorite Halloween art projects for kids. Use permanent markers and liquid watercolors for a really vibrant work of art.   PREP I opted to make a simple line drawing of a house and tree and fence for the students to trace, just for a starting point. They were to add as many Halloween details as they … Read More

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