Draw a Flower

A fun way to show kinders how to draw a flower. Simple shapes with a twist of adding pins between the petals. MATERIALS • Download Pin Flower PDF tutorial • Drawing paper • Marker, thick black • Markers, assorted colors   DIRECTIONS Students draw their flowers according to the PDF tutorial After the pencil drawing is complete, students use thick … Read More

Kid’s Art Portfolio

Here’s my secret to keeping lots of student artwork organized – without taking up any of my valuable time. My after school drawing students each receive a Profolio portfolio, which have a paper insert along the spine that you can easily remove and write on. I color coded the student’s name (red = kinder, blue = 1st, etc.) and have … Read More

Contour Hand Drawing

Have students start a contour line drawing by tracing their hand, and then add all the details they can see. MATERIALS • Journal Page or Drawing Paper • Pencil • Black Sharpie, ultra fine tip DIRECTIONS 1. With a journal or drawing paper, students to traced their hands in pencil. Unusual placement and cropping was encouraged. 2. Students use either … Read More

Protractor Art

Frank Stella is an American painter who fully embraced the idea that sometimes a painting can just be flat. In the 1960s he created some paintings titled the “Protractor Series”. For students learning how to use protractors with their math, it’s perfect tool to play around with in art class.   MATERIALS • Sharpie Markers, brush tip recommended for smooth … Read More

Kandinsky Plate Project

Proof that Kandinsky art projects can include art history and math AND make something really striking. Start with some inexpensive plastic plates, color them with brush Sharpies, and you have a pretty amazing work of art that is ready for display. MATERIALS • Yoshi Plates, 6.5″ square • Marker, water based such as Crayola • Brush Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. … Read More

Laurel Burch Cat with Metallic Markers

A Laurel Burch cats art lesson can look extra spectacular if you use metallic markers on black paper. The darker the paper, the better. Ms. Burch overcame lots of adversity in her childhood, in addition to being born with a disease that caused her bones to be really brittle. She made the most of her life though, perfecting a colorful style … Read More

Pre-K Auction Art

Yes, you can make some really amazing auction art from a room full of 5 year olds. Celebrate all their scribbly drawings by attaching them to a stretched canvas, and you have a pretty amazing collage. MATERIALS • Stretched canvas, 16″ x 20″ • Sharpie markers, brush type recommended • Dry wax paper (found in restaurant supply stores) • Scissors … Read More

Kandinsky on Canvas Panels

This is a match made in heaven, Brush Sharpie markers and Kandinsky on canvas. The brush markers just glide on the canvas and leave a brilliant color. Makes for a very fun project for all ages and all abilities. It’s not often you can so easily simulate an original masterpiece, as with Kandinsky’s “Farbstudie Quadrate” MATERIALS • Canvas panels, 11″ … Read More

Color Mixing with Sharpies

Did you know that you can actually blend colors with Sharpies? And that you can do this particularly well with brush Sharpies on canvas? Here’s one of my projects from my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book. I added darker colors on top of lighter colors, and then went back and forth with each to soften the blend. Don’t worry … Read More

Craft Stick Easels

I brought back one of my favorites, popsicle stick art for mini canvases for an after school class. Mini canvases, brush Sharpies and homemade craft stick easels. My lesson was about making art with letters, so they just drew their first initial in block form and decorated it with lots of patterns. A nice, simple way to make a work … Read More

Witch Hat Scratch Art

I love it when Halloween art ideas for kids push them to color really heavily. It takes two coats of coloring to get the layers needed to scratch, so you can’t help but end up with some very rich looking works of art. MATERIALS • Multimedia or drawing paper • Black Sharpie, chisel tip • Portfolio brand Oil Pastels (their … Read More

Bat Silhouettes on Coffee Filters

If you are looking for fun halloween art lesson plans, a black bat on a painted coffee filter never ceases to amaze me. Their vivid color are why I call them the “poor man’s watercolor paper”. MATERIALS • Jumbo coffee filters, 13 x 5 size (Amazon link) • Old steam iron • Sharpie marker, black chisel tip • Mesh plastic … Read More

Transparent Line Art Leaves

Here is a creative drawing idea for kids, perfect when studying the elements of art. A pretty and transparent leaf can be made just by drawing lots and lots of lines. The technique could also be used with any number of different objects, I just recommend finding something you can trace to get off to making lines as soon as possible. … Read More

Overlapping Tree Collage

This tree collage was inspired by a stock art illustration, and it seemed to me a great way to teach first and second graders about cutting and overlapping round shapes. MATERIALS • Card stock paper: blue, green, yellows, reds, oranges and white • Scissors • Glue stick • Sharpie marker, fine tip, black DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut green card stock into … Read More

How to Draw an Owl

Learn how to draw an owl, and then finish it of with some pretty paint and metallic markers. Their shimmery color will look extra pretty against the matte paint colors. PREP • Print Easy Owl PDF template MATERIALS • Liquid watercolor paint • Sharpie, black, fine point • Crayola Metallic Markers DIRECTIONS 1. Print a tutorial for each student. Students … Read More

Circle Flowers and Markers

Finding easy art for kindergarten students takes a bit of doing. I always thought that if you make the first class too easy you’ll bore some of the more advanced kids. Make it too complex and some may decide that art is hard, not the first impression you want to make. This project worked well for me as it had … Read More

Klimt Patterns

Gustav Klimt made elaborately patterned paintings, as in “Adele Bloch-Bauer’s Portrait.” One way for students the appreciate Klimt is through this pattern art lesson. • View and download Adele Head Template MATERIALS • Color print of Adele Head Template • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip DIRECTIONS 1. Students sketch the main body shapes in pencil. 2. The lines are traced with … Read More

Abstract Grid Tree

The abstraction of this tree is easy if you start with a printed guide. Thanks to the amazing art of Loretta Grayson, who inspired this project. You can learn more her art here: rettgrayson. I’m going to use this as one of my fall art fundraiser projects so I’ve made an instruction sheet and template that I am happy to share. I … Read More

Metal Tooling Mask

Metal tooling art projects go great with Sharpie markers. Especially brush tip Sharpies. The points are perfect to the textured metal. MATERIALS • Water based markers • Felt, approx. 7″ x 6″ rectangles • Pencil • Metal Tooling • Brush Sharpie Markers • Black card stock paper, approx. 9″ x 6″ • Masking tape DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut metal tooling into … Read More

Cat in the Hat Template

Here is a blank hat template to help celebrate Dr. Seuss’ upcoming birthday. I once used it as an art history lesson by reviewing a couple of famous artists (Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.) and then asked students to create a hat in their style. MATERIALS • View and download Cat in Hat Template • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker, … Read More

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