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Draw a Fancy Nutcracker

When students draw a nutcracker, they can gain valuable body proportion practice. Their simple and symmetrical bodies are so much easier to draw than most other real ones.

draw easy nutcracker
Finished Nutcracker with metallic marker decorations
draw easy nutcracker
Nutcracker diagram shown in PDF download

Young elementary school artists are served best with basic nutcracker drawing projects, but older ones (say grades 3 to 5?) might enjoy making theirs a little more detailed and fancy. That’s not very difficult to do, if you break the steps down, paint carefully with watercolor, and then decorate with metallic markers. The contrast of the matte silver over the watery paint texture makes for a really fun work of art.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Nutcracker

  1. Fold to make guidelines. Draw a belt.

  2. Draw the jacket above and below.

  3. Draw legs and boots.

  4. Add arms with gloves.

  5. Draw head and crown.

  6. Add mouth, beard and buttons.

  7. Add face and teeth.

  8. Paint, let dry, decorate with markers.


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