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Fun with Mona Lisa

monalisa paintingHere’s a line art project, this time based on the very famous painting of Mona Lisa.

This photoshopped face of Mona Lisa was originally posted quite awhile ago, but only with the one main page to draw on. When I taught this project, I realized students needed more references to “fill in the blanks”. They needed to see how the arms would take shape, a finished example for inspiration, and the original painting for a little art history.

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• Deluxe Line Art Mona Lisa PDF template (see below)
• Color Printer
• Drawing paper
• Sharpie marker, fine point and ultra fine point

PREP: Print face with blank background for each student.
1. Students use a pencil to draw a new body and background for Mona Lisa’s portrait.
2. The main edges are traced with a fine point Sharpie marker.
3. Lots of detailed lines are added with an ultra fine point marker.

Deluxe Mona Lisa Template

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monalisa painting