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Draw a Giant Nutcracker

My school had a nutcracker theme for their holiday show one year, so I showed students how to make a giant nutcracker drawing on butcher paper.

 nutcracker drawing    nutcracker drawing

Now you can download your own diagram to help you make your own nutcracker drawing. Folding the paper to create guide lines really helps with the proportion. Sketch it in pencil, use a thick black marker to trace, and then start coloring. My samples shown took about one 45 minute class to color, with about 6 students working on each.

• View and download Giant Nutcracker Tutorial

• White Kraft Paper, 36″ wide, such as this Pacon brand
• Scissors
• Black marker, thick chisel tip
• Crayons

1. Cut a sheet of white kraft paper 60“ long.
2. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise and cut on fold to make a panel that is 18” x 60”.
3. Fold this new sheet in half lengthwise. Fold it in half three times, the long way and crease edges. Unfold so that you end up with a grid that is 2 panels wide by 8 panels tall.
4. Sketch the nutcracker according to the diagram. The fold lines will help you make a well proportioned figure.
5. Trace the drawing with a marker and color heavily with crayons.



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