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Draw a Giant Nutcracker Step by Step

Making a giant nutcracker drawing, step by step, is so much easier when you can follow a diagram that shows you how to fill any size paper you might have.

how to draw a nutcracker step by step
how to draw a nutcracker step by step

Hand drawn decorations can add a special touch to any event during the holidays, but giant ones that line a hall with lots of festive color? And cost just pennies? Those can be truly special.

Now, even if you’re not the artsy type, you can sketch out a giant nutcracker drawing, no matter what size of paper you have, with the help of my downloadable diagram. It turns out that the key to drawing a well proportioned nutcracker is to first fold your paper to create lots of guidelines to follow. Then, if sketch to make your nutcracker’s shoulders, belt and knees all fall on those specified guidelines, your nutcracker is bound to have a nicely proportioned body.

Sketch your nutcracker lightly in pencil, trace it with a thick black marker, and then start coloring. My samples shown here took about one 45 minute class to color, with about 6 students working on each.


1. Cut a sheet of white kraft paper 60“ long.
2. Crease the sheet in half lengthwise and cut to make a panel that is 18” x 60”.
3. Fold one of the new sheets in half lengthwise. Fold it in half three times, the long way and the crease edges. Unfold so that you end up with a grid that is 2 panels wide by 8 panels tall.
4. Sketch the nutcracker according to the diagram. The fold lines will help you make a well proportioned body.
5. Trace the drawing with a thick marker and color heavily with crayons.


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