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Stained Glass Candle Drawing

If you need a Christmas drawing idea for kids, this oil pastel candle drawing works for many different religions.

oil pastel candle drawing
oil pastel candle drawing
Stained Glass Candle colored with oil pastels
Stained Glass Candle tutorial as shown in PDF download below

I recommend drawing the candle and tracing all the lines several times with a black pastel so they are really thick. When you color in the shapes at the end, you will probably get smudges of black, but in this case it only adds to the look of old stained glass. Embrace the smudges!


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Candle

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a frame.

  2. Draw the melting wax.

  3. Add candle sides below.

  4. Draw a large flame above.

  5. Start drawing background Y shapes.

  6. Some Ys can be on their sides.

  7. Continue making more Ys.

  8. Make sure all are closed spaces.

  9. Trace well with a black pastel and color in. Warm candle colors, cool glass.

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