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Torn Winter Tree Landscape

This winter tree art landscape makes use of a simple idea, namely that torn paper looks a lot like the bark edges of a tree, but needs to be done neatly for maximum impact.

easy tree paintings

I first did this with a mixed class that included first graders, and while they painted and tore the paper just fine, it was hard for them to keep the snow white. For that reason, I recommend that this better for 3rd and up.

• Multi media paper, two sheets per student
• Tempera paint, blue, black, brown and white (I like the cakes)
• Scissors
• Glue sticks

1. Students paint a full sheet of paper with black or brown tempera paint. (I recommend black for maximum contrast.)
2. The second sheet of paper is saved for the background. A snow line and moon are drawn on it in pencil. The sky is painted blue around the moon and above the snow.
1. Students tear the painted black paper vertically so they have lots of 11″ strips of paper.
2. They arrange about 4 or 5 of the black strips on blue and white background. To create a little perspective, they keep the wider strips long and near the front, and the skinnier strips short and near the back. Tear the ends as needed for variations in height. All the trees need to be based in the snow, and extending to the top of the paper. Any extended strips are cut away with a scissors.
3. The strips are glued down with a glue stick.
4. The black paint is diluted to make a light gray, and shadows that point away from the moon are added in the snow.
5. Dots of thick white tempera are added liberally to make a snowy landscape.



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