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Cute Snowman Drawing

A cute snowman drawing doesn’t have to be small and very flat looking. In fact, with just a little help, it can fill your page look round and dimensional look.

cute snowman drawing
cute snowman drawing

To get yourself off to a quick start, trace an old CD to get a nice round circle. It happens to be the perfect size for your average sheet of drawing paper. It’s hard to draw a cute smiling face if you don’t have enough room for it, right?

After the head and body are drawn, add the snowman accessories with lots of curves and ovals as shown in my tutorial. Doing so will make the top hat look like a tube and the scarf look like something that is wrapped around his body, as opposed to just stuck in front.

If those dimensional drawing tips came easy to you, try adding some shadows on the sides and edges. You might be surprised just how round your snowman will bedcome.


• Cute Snowman Drawing Tutorial
• Colored cardstock paper*
• Old CD, for tracing
• Oil pastels*

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PREP: Print a color tutorial for students to share.
1. Start the snowman drawing by tracing a CD in the middle of the paper.
2. Follow the tutorial to draw the rest.
3. Color with oil pastels if working on colored paper, or crayons if you are not.
4. Draw little snowflakes around the outside of the snowman.

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