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Draw Santa’s Face

draw Santa Claus diagramLooking for an easy way to draw Santa’s face? If so, here’s a simple approach drawing just his head. And if you work on brown kraft paper, you will get a nice old-fashioned look, along with the chance to color a nice white beard and fuzzy hat brim.

• View and download Santa PDF Tutorial

• Color print of Santa tutorial
• Drawing paper (my sample used brown kraft paper)
• Black marker
Colored pencils (I like Prismacolor, they are soft and make bright colors)

PREP: Draw or print grid lines on drawing paper.
1. Students follow the tutorial to draw Santa’s face.
2. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
3. The drawing is colored with pencil crayons. Brown kraft paper will allow for coloring a nice white beard and brim of hat.

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