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Draw Santa’s Face

Here’s how to draw Santa’s face, with a simple step by step tutorial. It’s a pretty symmetrical drawing to keep it easy for young artists.

santa claus face drawing


There are many more fun and easy drawing tutorials like this one, in my giant “Christmas Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.

All were created with lots of hands on classroom testing, and designed to take beginner artists from the first step to the last with clear and simple diagrams.

Great for Christmas drawing projects or special homemade cards as gifts or holiday framing. Lots of possibilities!


This sample drawing was made with brown kraft paper so the white areas could be colored in. Any type of paper would look great though, they will just provide different coloring options.

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  1. PREP: Draw or print grid lines on drawing paper.
  2. Students follow the tutorial to draw Santa’s face.
  3. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
  4. The drawing is colored with pencil crayons. Brown kraft paper will allow for coloring a nice white beard and brim of hat.




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