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Winter Painting

Winter painting projects for elementary students work best, I believe, when the subject and supplies are kept simple, simple, simple. This just requires a black marker, white crayon, and blue and black paint.

winter art projects for elementary students
winter art projects for elementary students

The shadows cast by the moon are easy to see on the winter snow and offer a beginning lesson in drawing and painting with a source of light. This keeps things pretty simple, with just three tree shadows that all need to point to the moon.

The black Sharpie keeps the colors bright, without allowing any paints to run together. White crayon dots for snow, add a nice extra snowy touch.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

Make a Winter Painting

  1. Draw the snow banks.

  2. Add three trees that touch the top of the paper.

  3. Add branches, some long and some short.

  4. Fill in the trees with the Sharpie.

  5. Draw a large round moon.

  6. Draw shadows on the snow that point to the moon.

  7. Trace the shadow and paint with watery black paint.

  8. Add lots of heavy white crayon dots for snow. Paint all with blue watercolor.



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