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Valentine’s Day LOVE Line Drawing

Valentines day ideas for kids can be educational too. This drawing uses a ruler, which is a 2nd grade Common Core Standard.

valentines day ideas for kids


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• Multimedia or drawing paper

• Black Sharpie marker

• Markers, Stabilo brand recommended

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1. Students start with a square piece of drawing paper. (I recommend one about 6″.) They measure and mark the center of each side and draw lines connecting them to make the four squares.

2. Next they use a ruler to draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines as shown to make very simple block letters. No measuring is necessary, the goal is to just make straight lines, be they tilted or not.

3. The lines are traced with a black Sharpie marker.

4. The shapes are colored in with markers. To make the letters stand out, they need to be a different color group from the background. My example has warm letters and a cool background, but the groups could be swapped.