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My Daily Blog

Juggling Balls

My mini art camp is just two weeks away, and I’m looking forward to trying some more outdoorsy things like these balls made from balloons and sand. 1. I used 9″ balloons and a funnel to fill them with sand. I think 12″ balloons would work great... Read More

Draw a Rooster

My afterschool students have drawn an abstract rooster before, but not one that is a little more realistic. I made this tutorial to break down the steps for them. • View and download Rooster Tutorial                        ... Read More

My Top Three Apps

Here are two apps that I use almost every day, and a new one that I am keeping my eye on. The Cash app has turned out to be a great option for my after school parents. No more worries about sending their kids to school with... Read More

Top Two New Health Habits

I know most people make resolutions at the first of the year, but for me, summer break is a great time to regroup and start new habits. I’m currently really enjoying these two, my new Fitbit Activity Tracker and Verve, my new healthy replacement for that extra... Read More

Top Three Organizing Ideas

After years of teaching, I’ve found that a (pretty) organized room lets you enjoy the process, and one in disarray makes for a very long day. It’s no fun. But solutions that may work for school are not always the best for home. For instance, I now... Read More

Top Three Books I’m Reading

Well, technically books I’m reading AND listening to, to be specific. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” helped me tackle some long-avoided clutter problems, “10% Happier” will make anyone look at the art of meditation in a brand new way, and “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” is... Read More

Top Three Art Supplies

I’m continuing my “Top Three” posts this week, and am moving on to art supplies. If I could only choose 3, these are the ones I love and feel confident would bring great results, for any age. Dick Blick Liquid Watercolors never fail in their color, the... Read More

Top Three Pinned Art Projects

I barely remember days before Pinterest, but I do recall hours at my local library and the inevitable fines for lost books too. So glad to teach now in a “Post Pinterest” era. For the curious, here are three of my currently most pinned projects. Back to... Read More