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Minecraft Selfies
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There are many great Minecraft self portrait ideas over on Pinterest, but I am going to have my students use this approach, with a pre-printed grid. I love how this will... Read More

Solar Eclipse 2017 Art
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  Here’s a solar eclipse art project that is easy for all ages and good shading practice. Love it when science and art work together. MATERIALS Astrobright cardstock paper (found mine... Read More

Gift Box Truck
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Here’s an idea for a transportation craft project. It costs about $1.50 for both gift boxes and makes a pretty cool looking truck with no prep work at all. MATERIALS White... Read More

Draw a Tree with Your Hand

I saw this idea for drawing a tree on, and love showing kids how lines can give dimension to their art. MATERIALS Draw a Hand Tree Tutorial (download here) Drawing... Read More

Cardboard Angler Fish

Once again I have to give credit to an amazing site called This Angler fish project is just too clever with its underbite, spike teeth and pipe cleaner antennae. MATERIALS... Read More

Cardboard Kittens

I keep finding the most original new ideas at this site called They seem to have a knack for collecting really original ideas, which is not easy these days. I... Read More

Zentangle Art Leaf Template

I created this leaf template years ago, after getting inspired by some Zentangle art. Here’s a fun project when studying lines as an element of art. Below is the link to... Read More

Pipe Cleaner People Video

Awhile back I spent a bit of time trying to find a way to make something fun with pipe cleaners, something that I knew young students could do without a lot... Read More

Deluxe Mona Lisa Template

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