Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Did you know that friendship bracelets are made with six colors because that’s how many letters are in the word F-R-I-E-N-D? My school’s 4th graders once started the year off with a friendship theme, so I used the topic to teach students how to make make these, hence this tutorial to help me instruct 35+ students … Read More

Zazzle Fundraiser for Haiti

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These watercolor elephants were painted by some of my 4th students last spring. They all did such an amazing job that I decided to feature their art on my newest fundraiser for my friend in Haiti. Winter runs a school for the poorest of kids in Port-Au-Prince, and his teachers often work with no pay. Each … Read More

Elements of Art Letter Page

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Here is an Elements template I developed last year for my students, but it was in our 6″ x 9″ art journal format. I’ve reconfigured it to a letter size so it would be useful for others as well. I’ve tried many different approaches to teaching this info over the years. It seemed that if I … Read More

“Big Eyes” Self Portrait

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You may be familiar with the story of Margaret Keane as told in the 2014 movie “Big Eyes”, but did you know these other interesting facts? • Margaret painted children with over-sized doe like eyes as early as age 10, it was a life long fascination with her. • She was one of the most popular … Read More

Paper Mache Leaves from Germany

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Wow, look what was just shared with me! An amazing artist from Germany took my very ordinary post about paper mache tiles and turned it into this exquisite work art ! Her instructions are in German, but the photos are so descriptive that I don’t think words are really necessary. Go see for yourself, and then … Read More

Faux Chenille Owl

This makes a very cute pillow, and is also a good simple sewing project for young girls OR boys. Supplies: Six fat quarters, two wooden buttons 2. Spread out and stack all pieces of fabric. Cut to make a square. 3. Stitch diagonal rows about a ruler width apart. 4. Cut out owl body shape following … Read More

Faux Chenille Bag

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I hope there are some campers or beginner sewers out there who might be looking for a simple sewing project. It’s a fun way to create your own kind of textured fabric. SUPPLIES: 18″ woven strap, 4 Fat Quarters of COTTON fabric., ruler. Layer all four fabric sections and press. 2. Cut rectangle in half. Stack … Read More

Haiti Fundraiser

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During my travels to Haiti a few years ago, I met some truly selfless people whom I have felt compelled to keep working with and see what I can do to support. Winter is one such example, an amazing man who does his best to run a school for some of the poorest kids in Haiti, … Read More

The Art Retreat 3 Weeks Away!

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If you like the sound of an intimate art retreat at an historic B&B by a soon-to-be published author / teacher, then this is for you… Plans are now in place for my 3rd Annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN this summer. Years ago I met Regina from Whitney Hill Estates through my sister who … Read More

Rumpled Quilt Skins get their own FB Page!

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If anyone has ever wondered about my “Sewing Patterns” tab before, here’s a quick explanation. Before I was an art teacher, I was a pattern designer and created this line of stuffed animal patterns called “Rumpled Quilt Skins”. I still sell PDF versions of them, I just never stopped to make a Facebook page for them. … Read More

Ceramic Tea Cups

Here’s one of my favorite projects that is in my friend Jenni Ward’s new ebook, “Create with Clay 3″. When I think of all the possible variations you could try with these, it makes my head hurt, but in a totally good way. The book with detailed written instructions will be posted before the weekend is … Read More


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And with the stroke of the clock, and the emptying of a room, a new schedule begins. This time I get to choose more of what my days will look like, in both cleaning up from the past, and preparing for the fall. I love this time of year as I get to do all those … Read More

Draw Places and Plants eBook

Just posted to My PDF Shop, my latest How to Draw ebook. In it you’ll find tutorials on how to draw Amsterdam Buildings, Asian House, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Farm, Vanishing Point Landscape, Island Lighthouse, Medieval, Castle, Russian Buildings, Statue of Liberty, Old House, Country Barn, Capitol Building, Country House, Haunted House, Shop, Starry Night City, … Read More

Veteran Flag from Georgia

In honor of Memorial Day, here’s one of my favorite posts from a few years ago. Claire L., a volunteer who works regularly with the seniors, planned this project that I hear was a huge success. In fact, here is what she wrote about the completion of the flag: “When I went to Southland Nursing Home … Read More

TN Art Retreat, 5 Spots Left

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Update: Only 5 spots left! Plans are now in place for my 3rd Annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN this summer. Years ago I met Regina from Whitney Hill Estates through my sister who lives nearby, and knew instantly that her amazingly restored B&B would be the perfect location for an artsy weekend. I can … Read More

Ceramic Fishie

Here’s a sample tutorial my friend Jenni Ward has included in her new “Create with Clay 2″ ebook that was recently added to my PDF shop. This book contains a total of five wonderful, teacher-tested art projects, including this adorable fish, with detailed instructions for each photo. • View Create with Clay 2 eBook

Mister Seahorse

Eric Carle’s wonderful book “Mister Seahorse” is perfect for kinders that are studying amazing animals, such as mine in the Los Angeles School District. This project has been on my keeper list for years now, and I even have a previous tutorial I will add below. Pictured here is the plastic embroidery mesh panels that I … Read More

NEW! Frida Kahlo Mural

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In honor of the amazing Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, I have created a new color-by-number posterized mural that is now up for sale in my PDF Shop. It only uses 3 colors plus black, so there are lots of coloring possibilities. • View Frida Kahlo Mural template in PDF Shop

Art Retreat 2016 Plans

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Update: Only 6 spaces left! Plans are now in place for my 3rd Annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN this summer. Years ago I met Regina from Whitney Hill Estates through my sister who lives nearby, and knew instantly that her amazingly restored B&B would be the perfect location for an artsy weekend. I can … Read More

Indian Elephants

Here’s an assortment of 4th grade Indian elephants from last week. I just love them! They were made with a Sharpie, crayons and liquid watercolors, from my Elephant Tutorial, and will go in student’s 6″ x 9″ journals. Tip: Have students start their drawing by folding the paper in half, lengthwise, which is where the neck … Read More

Haring Mural

What a difference a little paint makes, right? My school has a wonderful volunteer working on a “Buddy Program” right now, so when I was asked for some ideas for a mural, this Keith Haring “Best Buddies” was an obvious solution. The process was pretty simple, which is easy for me to say as I didn’t … Read More

Mom Pop Out Flower Card

My students are learning how to make pop out flowers this week, which make a pretty nice Mother’s Day card. Last year I did this with hearts, but I like this flower for this time of year, for all the obvious reasons. Supplies: • 12″ x 12″ solid cardstock scrapbook paper • 12″ x 12″ print … Read More

New Ebook, Create with Clay 2

Here are five more creative ceramic projects from my friend, Jenni Ward, a renowned ceramic artist from Santa Cruz. She has been working with children for years, and has collected five more of her favorite clay projects. If you are looking for some more clay project ideas with clear visual instructions, then this is the book … Read More

USA Flag Collage

Faith Ringgold, an African-American artist, is best known for her large story quilts. In 1985 she made a piece titled “Flag Story Quilt” which inspired this collage. 1. To help cut swatches, I gave the students a template to follow, printed on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock. I passed out several old magazines to have them cut out swatches of red, and … Read More

Book Preview at Art Retreat 2016

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If you’re daydreaming about doing something creative this summer, would love to be pampered while you do it, and don’t like crowds, consider signing up for my 3rd annual Art Retreat in Hickory Valley, TN. It will be held for a nice long weekend, July 7-10, for a maximum of 10 guests in an historic bed … Read More

More Gold Rush People

I just had to share a few more Gold Rush figures made recently by 4th graders. Aren’t they adorable? They are shaped over clothes pins that were glued to wood bases I found at Michaels. They worked great and created a place for some accessories too, like bags of gold and little pick axes. A quick … Read More

Dissected Flower Drawing

This is a little twist on the dissecting and coloring technique. If at the end you shade the corners of each shape you make, you get a softer and more sophisticated abstraction. 1. Students draw a vase that takes up most of the drawing paper. To help with making a symmetrical shape, they may fold scrap … Read More

Model Magic Miner

Here’s another idea of something to try with Model Magic. Just keep in mind that this figure was made by a ridiculously talented 4th grader, and is not what should be expected of a elementary school student, or even middle school. I expect to see Aidan S.’s art in a museum some day. He made this … Read More

Draw a Doberman

Maybe it’s the oversized nose or the dark coloring. Something about this drawing had my students create some really great looking dogs a few weeks back. The symmetry probably helps too, that always seems to make things easier. • View and download Doberman PDF Tutorial

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