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Fall Art Project: Tape Collage

Try this tape collage technique with your next fall art project for kids, and you will fall in love with how transparent and smooth your student’s art will be.

fall art project for kids

Collage projects for kids have many, many lessons to share. Aside from the decisions about shapes and colors and composition, there’s also lots to learn about crafting skills too. After all, the most lovely collage in the world can’t be admired if the pieces are always falling off. And it’s also hard to admire if the surface is bumpy and it just looks like things are about to fall apart.

The young artist’s struggles are real though. Some papers just seems to repel glue, and others will curl in the exact opposite direction you want, and to be honest, challenge adults sometimes.

Making a Collage with Tape

So, here’s one technique I discovered while experimenting with an afterschool Art Trading Card class. Try using some of the new decorative transparent tape, cut it into small shapes, and make a very simple collage. You can even overlap the pieces as it has a lovely transparent quality too.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to make a Transparent Tree Collage

  1. Cut the paper to an trading card size: 2.5″ x 3.5″

    A paper cutter will really speed things up.

  2. Cut the green tape to make the grass.

    Overlap the edges and trim when finished.

  3. Cut lots of triangle trees and arrange them above the grass.

    Overlap some to see what colors they make.

  4. Use the thin marker to draw simple trunks and branches.

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