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Symmetrical Pumpkin

Easy Halloween art projects can teach some valuable skills and still make pretty cool images. All you need is some paper, scissors and glue.

easy halloween art projects

I love how it requires students to flip and glue down their cut out shapes to mirror the other side. You can’t get more literal than that as a definition of symmetry.

• Black card stock or construction paper
• Orange card stock or construction paper
• Scissors
• Glue stick
1. Each student starts with a square piece of black paper and an orange piece that is half the width of the black. With the orange lying on top of the black, they are to imagine the center line as the middle of a pumpkin. Students draw half of a pumpkin on the orange paper, along with one eye and one half of a mouth.
2. The outer shape of the pumpkin is cut out.
3. The eye and mouth are cut out, all as complete shapes, no bits and pieces. Students may “cheat” with the eye by cutting a line over to it and then cutting around to get the triangle out. The little slice will seal itself back up when glued.
4. The newly cut shapes are to be flopped from their original positions, and then glued down with a glue stick.


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