Lego Self Portraits

Mix pop culture into your art class with a Lego self portrait project. Younger students can customize a template, and older ones can draw one from scratch. Make it a Lego week at your school and use the template below for kinder through 1st / 2nd grade project, and the tutorial for 1st / 2nd through 5th. Younger students concentrate … Read More

How to Draw like Paul Klee

This “How to Draw like Paul Klee” tutorial will guide students to make a continuous line drawing that resembles one of Klee’s most famous paintings, “Arrival of the Bridegroom”. This Klee drawing project is made by following lots of “up” and “down” and “over” directions in my tutorial. It’s a fun process that asks students to make an abstract drawing … Read More

Draw a Cute Mouse Face

This step by step mouse drawing tutorial is an easy way to focus on the animal’s cute face, and fill the paper at the same time. This series of animal face drawing ideas are based on a rounded rectangle, which is much easier to draw some other shapes. Circles and ovals tend to be lopsided when you are just getting … Read More

Draw a Koi Fish

If you’d like to learn how to draw a koi fish, why not take an extra step and learn how to paint him too? Watercolor and crayons are all you need. Use the transparency of watercolors to your advantage, when painting your koi fish. By simply creating an under layer of yellow, your fish will have a lovely golden glow. … Read More

Me and My Goals Back to School Art Project

One of my favorite back to school art projects. Students to draw themselves with a focus on the eyes, and list their latest goals at the same time.   If you like this back to school art project, there are many more like it in my “Draw Self Portraits” ebook in my PDF Shop. Just click on the link or photo … Read More

Draw a “Wanted” Self-Portrait

Studying the wild west, or having a wild west theme birthday party? Learn how to draw a “Wanted” self portrait to imagine yourself in that time period. Start by using my included template to create the wanted poster background. Print the two halves on drawing paper and tape together to make an old-fashioned frame. Draw yourself inside, with the necessary … Read More

Kindergarten Paper Quilt

Students drew their own home as one of their kindergarten art lessons. Gluing them to a large piece of paper turned them into a large “quilt”. If students make their drawing on square paper, then you will be able to easily add rows going up or down. Any extra spots could be used for a class name and date plate. … Read More

Draw a Parasaur Dinosaur

Parasaurs were herbivores and had large head crests they used for trumpeting. Here’s how to draw a parasaur standing on his back legs. If you like this tutorial, there are many more like it in my “Drawing Dinos and Dragons” ebook in my PDF Shop. Just click on the link or photo to learn more. MATERIALS View and download Parasaur … Read More

How to Draw a Velociraptor

A certain hot dinosaur movie may be creating some interest in how to draw a velociraptor. Follow this step by step tutorial to draw a pretty cool looking one. This guy is made from lots of curvy shapes, so I tried to keep this tutorial with as simple as possible, without losing any of his fierceness. After all, according to … Read More

How to Draw the Pyramids

Follow this step by step tutorial to not only learn how to draw the pyramids, but also how to place them in their natural surroundings, hot sun and sand and shadows and all. After drawing your pyramid in its natural setting, you could get out paint and mix some colors to get two shades of sand. OR, you could use … Read More

Easy Monkey Drawing

One way to make an easy monkey drawing is to just concentrate on the face. Follow these step by step instructions and see how easy it is. Drawing a monkey up close and personal like this will give you plenty of room to draw his or her eyes, ears and mouth. When it comes time for coloring, try just making … Read More

Simple Drawing Project

Ask your students concentrate on their coloring skills by starting with a simple drawing project. Here are four easy ideas to work with, a house, flower, bird and monster.  If you haven’t tried Crayola’s Color Sticks yet, you should. They cost a little more than crayons and pencil crayons, but NEVER need sharpening and last a LONG time. I used … Read More

Red Fox Drawing

Here’s a red fox drawing tutorial that shows off all his beautiful colors. Try blending his red coat into black paws for an extra cool look. To make your red fox drawing look even more realistic, try adding shadows on the side that is opposite the sun. Just color harder and with more pressure anywhere you think some shadows might … Read More

How to Draw a Dandelion

You could call this an abstract version of how to draw a dandelion. Turn the ends into dots while drawing with metallic markers on black paper. It’s a pretty addictive. This how to draw a dandelion tutorial shares my favorite way to make a radial design that results in pretty consistent lines and patterns, without and tedious measuring. It’s all … Read More

Spinosaurus Drawing

Be sure your Spinosaurus drawing has the spiky plates on his back. It’s one of the main features that makes him different from other large dinosaurs. This spinosaurus drawing is almost all curves, with the exception of his mouth and feet. For that reason, this tutorial has an extra set of guidelines to help students with their proportion. Curves are … Read More

Dandelion Pop Out Card

I found this scallop flower punch and had fun sharing this 3D dandelion card with kids. I continued the nature theme with kraft paper and pretty marker drawings. MATERIALS Card stock paper, white Card stock paper, kraft* Card stock paper, black* Paper punch, Scallop, X-Large* Glue stick Sharpie marker, fine tip *The above product links are referrals. If you click … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Boy

Here’s a cartoon boy drawing that starts with an oversized head. It’s a fun and easy way to draw people, and guarantees cute results. This is also a really easy drawing to adjust for different looks. Change the hair, the skin tone, the clothes, and turn it in to someone you know. Before long, you’re a cartoon artist! If you … Read More

How to Draw your Dad

Learn how to draw your dad in eight easy steps. Add the features that make him unique and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift. This cartoon style portrait simplifies lots of things, which is good, but you can still easily make adjustments to make your drawing as much like your father as possible. I recommend following the example of … Read More

Father’s Day DAD Card

Now this DIY Father’s Day card has a template that I thought some busy teachers might appreciate. Makes a great painting or Z fold card. There’s nothing like the combination of background tempera colors and oil pastel details on top. The two textures always look great together, and the pastels allow for some easy details to be added. MATERIALS D-A-D … Read More

What to Make for Father’s Day

Still not sure what to make for Father’s Day? For an artsy, colorful solution, bring out the markers and oil pastels. Messy, but beautiful. One of my readers, Laura T., shared her 2nd grader’s art with me. I love how colorful they look all side by side, they are so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing them with me Laura! … Read More

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