Simple Boat Painting

If you narrow sailboats into basic shapes, and then fill them with patterns, you can end up with a very pretty simple sailboat drawing. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Crayons Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS Some pencil planning is necessary to begin this painting, so students should first draw two boats and horizon grass lines in pencil as shown. Once those large shapes … Read More

Dino Toy Plaster Cast

Save your plastic dinos to make fun dinosaur fossils for kids. Cover it with watery paint and you will have a very old looking fossil. MATERIALS Old dinosaur toy, smaller is better Clay, old and semi dry is fine Heavy corrugated cardboard, square about the size of the toy Stapler Poster board strip, about 2.5″ wide by 12″ or so Plaster … Read More

Three Torn Mice

This collage idea for kids was inspired by a project posted to Artsonia from Holman Elementary School. They used a painted background, but I like the contrast with bright paper. MATERIALS Card stock paper, bright colors and pink White card stock Scissors Black marker Glue sticks DIRECTIONS For bright colors, try the colored cardstock paper in the scrapbook section at JoAnn’s … Read More

Double Decker English Bus

Here’s a bus drawing for kids that features the famous double decker red buses of England. A fun addition when learning more about that country . MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Sharpie marker, chisel tip, black • Tempera paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw a double decker bus that fills the sheet of paper. 2. Trace the lines with a black marker. … Read More

Mosaic Tape Rainbow

I love finding children’s mosaic art projects, especially ones that are guaranteed to lay down nice and flat, like with this colored masking tape. MATERIALS Colored masking tape Scissors Black card stock paper DIRECTIONS 1. Beginning with 1″ green tape, cut strips into squares and line up across the bottom of a sheet of black paper. 2. Use purple tape … Read More

Easy Flower Painting

Any student can draw a flower, but are they aware of the many different shapes and sizes that exist? MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Black Sharpie marker • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. I started by drawing a large collection of flowers on my board. Students first drew the grass line in pencil and added at least three large flowers spaced … Read More

M.C. Escher Eye Drawing

M.C. Escher was one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. He created many visual riddles, and an amazingly detailed piece titled “Eye” that offers lots of detail. Students may use either soft drawing pencils or black charcoal pencils. Whichever media, they need to be able to sharpen their tools to make fine detailed lines. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • … Read More

Fun with William Wegman

William Wegman is great inspiration for fun projects for kids. He is a  photographer famous for his compositions with his Weimaraner dogs. Wegman is fascinated with humanizing his animals and has created hundreds of amazing videos and photographs. I like his book shown here as it shows the dogs in many everyday poses. • View and download Dog Head Template … Read More

Island Home

A teacher wanted a simple house drawing that was linked to the Bahamas, and this colorful paint and oil pastel house worked well. MATERIALS Large drawing paper Tempera paint Oil pastels DIRECTIONS SESSION ONE The students begin by drawing the angled roof shape in the middle of their paper. The house side is drawn below. The left side of the house … Read More

Dr. Seuss Signs

This Dr. Seuss art project and gave our spread out school some much needed directions for a back to school night. Our school has a modular classroom set up in California, we have a lot of long outdoor halls without much signage. Making signs for a back to school nite added some fun AND information for first time parents. MATERIALS … Read More

Escher Lizard Template

M.C. Escher’s art continues to amaze people all over the world. His many nature-themed tessellations are both lovely and brilliant. I found the repeating pattern in Escher’s Lizard Tessellation, and thought it would be fun as a classroom project. Just print copies of the single downloadable page trim, color, and assemble in groups of four as shown. Make a small … Read More

Hexagons to Cubes

A hexagon paper punch makes the perfect stencil for students to draw their own cubes. Shadow painting techniques may also be applied to make things 3D. MATERIALS • Cardstock paper for making a stencil • Hexagon punch, 2″ size • Watercolor paper • Paper cutter • Liquid watercolor paint • Black Sharpie marker • Plastic trading card sleeve     … Read More

Snowflake Art Project

Snowflake art projects are made on one sheet of watercolor paper, then cut into panels, painted, and taped back together to keep the edges nice and clean. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Ruler • White crayon • Scissors • Liquid watercolor paint • Masking tape   DIRECTIONS 1. Use a ruler to divide a sheet of watercolor paper into 4 … Read More

How to Paint a Snowman

You can learn how to paint a snowman that is not small and boring. Make him (or her) much more interesting with close cropping and a few other special touches. To get those white windy lines, students need to draw them with a white crayon before painting over with watercolor paint. • View and download Snowman Tutorial MATERIALS • Watercolor … Read More

Mini Canvas Leaf Art

You just can’t beat the color and precision you get when you make a small canvas art with a brush Sharpie marker. They actually work a lot like paint, in that they do mix when you overlap them, and the fine tips allow a continual flow of color. MATERIALS • Mini canvases • Sharpie Brush Markers • Mod Podge or … Read More

Day of the Dead Drawing

Day of the Dead is also known as All Souls Day, and is celebrated in Mexico to pray for and remember friends and family members that have passed away. MATERIALS • Black card stock paper • Pencil • Scissors to cut template • Crayola Metallic Markers • View and download Skull template DIRECTIONS PREP: Print out a skull template 1. … Read More

Blowing Leaves Fall Tree

Perspective is learning that the further away objects are, the smaller they appear. Painting trees with blowing leaves a good subject matter for this topic. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Students start by painting an off-center tree, with trunks and branches. A thick trunk with thinner branches work best. 2. Colored leaves in varying sizes are … Read More

Color Pattern Leaves

This simple leaf art project is a good exercise for those small motor skills. I’ve found students have a lot of fun just losing themselves in their patterns. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Cardboard for leaf templates • Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. Cardboard templates of leaves may help young artists get started, but drawing their own is always best. Students … Read More

Tumbling Crayons

When looking for painting ideas for kids, try everyday objects they are familiar with. Parallel lines were important for this drawing so I gave students 6″ x 1.5″ cardboard templates, the size of the wrapper, to help them get started. Beginners traced and drew “flat crayons”, the mid levels tried layering a few of them, and advanced used curves on … Read More

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Trees

My goal for my watercolor students was to have them learn how to bleed colors together when they want, and keep them separate when they do not. This series of modern trees were easy to draw, and left lots of room for experimenting. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Crayons Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS I was inspired by Eloise Renouf’s Etsy store, and … Read More

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