Learning how to draw cute animals becomes a whole lot easier when they come with step by step instructions.

As a former classroom art teacher, I spent years watching students go through the process of learning how to draw. Many were often confused as to how and where to start, especially when it came to their favorite cute animal drawings.

I discovered that direct draw instructions on the front board worked for a little while. It had its limitations though, with larger (and noisier!) classes.

Then there was the issue of pacing. Some students always wanted to go faster, and some a bit slower. It kept the whole process feeling a bit chaotic, both for myself and for them too.

The solution? Create my own simple animal drawing handouts, that students could easily follow on their own.

No screen needed, no internet connection. Just a printed piece of paper so they could work completely on their own. It worked so well that I started making more and have never stopped.

Many websites that share drawing tutorials for kids are either overly simplistic or overly complex. My tutorials are made for students that want to learn how to make things look a bit more realistic, without getting overwhelmed. Step by step tutorials are a great way to help students build their confidence, and hopefully start on a lifetime love of drawing.

New cute animal drawing ideas are added often, so stop by to see the latest one. You just might find the perfect lesson for today!

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