Birch Tree Paintings on Canvas

It’s easy to make birch tree paintings on canvas … if you use markers instead. Add a mini homemade craft stick easel and you have a special holiday gift. I recommend this project for those as young as 2nd grade, but probably not any lower. It is rather easy to have the markers smear while you color, and the younger you go the harder it is for students to be aware of that while … Read More

Christmas Bundle Sale

Stock up and save on Christmas decorations with my Christmas Bundle Mural Sale. Buy SEVEN mural templates, including a brand new one, for $15. Sale ends Wednesday, Nov. 15 at midnight PST. • Victorian Town Mural  24 pages, measures 60″ x 28″ when complete • Matisse Christmas Mural  24 pages, measures 28″ x 60″ • Nutcracker Mural  28 pages, measures 30″ x 70″ • NEW! Starry Night Christmas Tree Mural  25 pages, measures 36″ x 48″ • Nativity … Read More

Cardinal Cardboard Craft

My love of cardboard crafts with yarn keeps growing. This brilliant idea comes from I Heart Crafty Things, I just added the pipecleaner legs. MATERIALS Old, clean corrugated cardboard, about 10″ x 5″ rectangles Bird template (PDF shared here) Yarn Utility scissors Felt, black and yellow Googly eye Feathers Craft glue Pipe cleaners Decorative string Embroidery needle DIRECTIONS PREP: I cut a bird shape for each student as it takes a sharper scissors than … Read More

Gingerbread House Decorations

Looking for ideas for homemade holiday decorations? I need some for my school’s holiday boutique, so I’m having students draw gingerbread houses and then cut them out. I found that if I instruct them that the center roof must touch the top of the paper and also the sides, they are bound to make them all pretty similar in size. No teeny houses allowed. MATERIALS • White card stock paper • Sharpie marker, black, … Read More

Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflake

‘Tis the season for holiday decorations, so this Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflake is my solution for some inexpensive flakes that have a lot more impact than paper ones, and will last for seasons to come. MATERIALS • Jumbo Craft sticks, 6 per snowflake • Craft sticks, 12 per snowflake • Mini craft sticks, 6 per snowflake • Wooden diecut circles • Craft glue • Acrylic paint white DIRECTIONS 1. Cut circles out of cardboard … Read More

Old Fashioned Winter House

Old buildings are the stuff of storytelling, so this Old Fashioned Winter House is a perfect for young students this time of year. This painting was made by a kinder student named Ruby awhile back. I love how colorful her home is. Thanks Ruby for letting me share it! MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw a wavy ground line. 2. Start the … Read More

Draw a Cardinal

I’ve been on the lookout for a new way to draw a cardinal. This one, inspired by a stock art illustration is built on some very simple shapes that I think young children can draw. • View and download Cardinal Tutorial   MATERIALS • Multimedia Paper • Sharpie marker, black • Oil Pastels   DIRECTIONS 1. On a horizontal sheet of paper, students draw a cardinal in pencil, following the diagram above. If you … Read More

Craft Stick Snowflake

I came up with this Craft Stick Snowflake to help students make a special gift for their parents that is inexpensive, non-denominational, and pretty quick to make. My sample measures about 10″ across, and is made from sticks that you can buy at Michaels or JoAnns. Even if you pay retail (without any coupons) the cost is about 35¢ per student for just the sticks. Not bad. MATERIALS • Mini Craft Sticks, 12 • … Read More

Snowflake Painting

Here’s a simple snowflake painting project that was inspired by an illustration on a stock art website. I’ve found some amazing ideas at and, and, just to name a couple. Search vector illustrations for a topic and you can find literally thousands of drawing ideas. MATERIALS • Watercolor Paper, 9″ x 9″ (recommended for vibrant colors) • Template to trace, approx. 2.75″ in diameter • White crayons • Liquid watercolors DIRECTIONS … Read More

Quilling Snowflakes with Bread Ties

Quilling is an art form that involves rolling, and gluing strips of paper together to create decorative designs. If you use bread ties instead, the curl stays and thus easier to glue too. MATERIALS • Craft sticks, regular size • Craft glue • Bread ties, white • Pencil • Magnetic strips (optional) DIRECTIONS 1. Students make a craft stick board by gluing 11 sticks across two back sticks. Let sticks dry while the curls … Read More

Watercolor Resist Snowflake Art

This watercolor resist snowflake art is easy to create with laser-cut wood decorations that are found at craft stores. They make perfect crayon rubbing material because they are so decorative, yet perfectly flat. SUPPLIES • Multimedia Paper • Wooden Laser Cut Snowflakes • Chipboard, about 8″ x 10″ sheet for each snowflake • Craft glue • White crayon • Blue Liquid Watercolor Paint DIRECTIONS PREP: Glue each snowflake to a sheet of chipboard with … Read More

Clay Snowman

This clay snowman is made with holes in his body so real twigs can be inserted when he (or she) is finished. I’ve learned to really appreciate white ceramic projects as they are so forgiving for young artists. Any spots in the ceramic finish don’t show up nearly as much as darker colors do. MATERIAL • Ceramic Clay • Old container and water • Scratching tool • Ceramic glaze: white, black, orange • Kiln … Read More

Draw Santa’s Face

Looking for an easy way to draw Santa’s face? If so, here’s a simple approach drawing just his head. And if you work on brown kraft paper, you will get a nice old-fashioned look, along with the chance to color a nice white beard and fuzzy hat brim. • View and download Santa PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Santa tutorial • Drawing paper (my sample used brown kraft paper) • Black marker … Read More

Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies

These Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies are so easy to make, thanks to the perfect gingerbread Model Magic color, also known as “Terra Cotta”. If you have cookie cutters to use, that would make things easy. But if not, forming your own head, arms and legs will make for a cookie with lots of personality. MATERIALS • Model Magic: Terra Cotta, White, Black • Corrugated cardboard, 4″ x 5″ • Aluminum foil, 5″ x 6″ … Read More

Giant Nutcracker Drawings

     My art room is filled with giant Nutcracker drawings right now, waiting to be lined up in our auditorium for our upcoming holiday show. I took a que from my Harvest festival decorations on butcher paper sketched one master nutcracker and have been tracing him in pencil for days. The kids love to trace and color with three students working on each one. I’ve kept it for 2nd through 5th graders as my … Read More

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